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why do the sonic fanbase think all modern sonic games are shit?

yeah, I love the retro games too, but not all of them were perfect, either.. Sonic 3D Blast, anyone? and SAB2 was damn fine, I like it better than SA/DX.

but these people seem to ignore the handheld games like the plague. Aside from sonic genesis, which was a shitfest, the GBA trilogy and rush are like the most addictive handheld games ever- I've clocked more hours on SA3 than Pokemon Emerald, which says something.

Seriously, am I like, the only one that still feels the Sonic magic when playing the handheld games? I ADORE Blaze, she's my favorite female sonic character by far, and second favorite overall next to Sonic himself.

but I get so freaking angry when it feels like the fanbase DELIBERATELY ignores the handheld games to rip sega apart every change they can get. "BAAAWWW SAWNIK SUX0RZ NOW SEGA U FAAAAILLL"... Sega hasn't quite let us down, but the Unpleasable Fanbase just wants a new sacrificial goat to pick apart every time a game comes out, and has their heads too far up their asses to appreciate the handhelds.

Yeah, the 3d games suck, and shadow's game doesn't even exist in my eyes [/discontinuity] but for the love of god, don't smash the GBA trilogy/rush series. There's a glimmer of hope if you'll only just except them.

oh fandom... how I loathe thee...
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