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Obligatory Rant About Fancharacters

Short little thing I've been meaning to get off my chest somewhere and finally found the right place for it.

WTF, FANDOM?! Why do 95% of you seem to have nearly identical unoriginality trends as the OFFICIAL character designers?? WHY?!

I mean, I understand if you can't draw shit to save your life, but is it REALLY necessary to make, I dunno, 10 literal recolors? Or even long-lost siblings of canon characters that are basically recolors of the official characters? Really?

Ok, granted, back in the day, the fucking majority of my inumerable amount of my own Sonic OCs were recolors, but you know what I did when I got older? I redesigned them all. Redesigned them in such a way that they were no longer the recolors they used to be, but something of their own.

Sure, I kept the fact that my first two OCs were basically Tails' cousins, but I tweaked their backstory to make it at least KINDA plausible.

And sure, I also made my own long-lost-twin-brother of Shadow who literally is an inversed-color version of him, but I worked my ass off to make his backstory and reason for existance WORK in both my fanon and even a bit in canon. All the other long-lost-siblings I see tend to just pop out of fucking no where with no reasonable explanation.

The blatant epidemic of recolors is sadly most apparent on DA. I joined about three groups dedicated to fan characters for the soles purpose of sharing my own OC's pics whenever I get around to drawing them more someday, but I recently had to stop receiving new upload messages from them because almost everything I got from them was a fucking RECOLOR. Often POORLY DRAWN recolors. And the few that were a freakin species that hasn't been done yet, they were poorly designed. Like this one chick had a blue mouse but she couldn't draw her own character worth shit and didn't bother to clothe the obviously female character. And then she tried drawing porn with her. Yeeeaaaah, if you're going to draw porn, learn anatomy. Please.

Even most of the stuff I get from the one group I dained worthy enough to still get messages from isn't worth calling "original".

Come on, guys, the purpose for Sonic OCs is that they're just that, OCs. Otherwise called "Original Characters". There is and never will be anything original about taking a picture of Sonic, coloring over him and maybe adding some small poorly drawn attachment, slapping a new name on it and calling it your own.

Please do not be as retarded as whoever thought Mephiles was a great idea. Thank you.
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