Crystal Frost (crystal_ness) wrote in sonic_rant,
Crystal Frost

Another shitty article

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Well, to be fair, I can kinda see where all the freak out came from.

Even though, yes, fandom did go overboard (understatement, but this is the Sonic fandom, after all).

But I have to admit that even I was a little put off by it. I mean, think about it, but 15+ years Sonic NEVER used a weapon. In fact his image was almost that of the kind of character who manages to save people and defeat bad guys without ever using a weapon.

I mean, people also freaked the fuck out over ShTH, but even though some people freaked out, others really didn't. Why? Because Shadow is the kind of character one could expect to resort to weapons. Sonic isn't.

I had a similar problem with the swearing in ShTH. The only place I ever saw him swear was in fanfic, which was just fine with me, yet somehow seeing it actually happen within an actual game felt...wrong...somehow...

I dunno how to explain it well...

BTW, I'm not chastising you or really disagreeing with you, I'm just...trying to offer a reasonable explanation for why the majority of fandom reacted the way they did, even if we went overboard (but as stated, nothing less should be expected from Sonic fandom).
Yeah but I always visualized people with swords to be valiant, hero types (not all of them are, but most of them seem to be). If Sonic had something like a chainsaw, gun, whatever, then I can understand. But a sword really isn't something I'd freak out over.

I can understand what you're saying. When Shadow the Hedgehog was announced, I thought it was going to be terrible...and it was. SatBK though is kind of a mixed bag. Some people thought it was fun, others said the controls are really shitty. But I'll reserve all judgment until I play it myself.
You have a good point about the valiant thing...

Sadly, I think the majority of fandom didn't grasp that (since, valiant or not, a sword is still a weapon, even if it's less...evil?...than a gun).

Hahahaha, when ShTH was announced I was all "FUCK YEAH!" because I <3 Shadow, but then I played the game and it was the hardest piece of fuck X_X. It was only the later (space) levels and some boss fights that were immensely hard. And I could go on a long tyrannical rant about all the flaws the game had and how it could've still been done, but better. But this comment's not the place for that, XD.

Admittedly I've yet to play SatBK either, but from what I've seen and heard, it plays exactly like Secret Rings. And Secret Rings was...eeeehhhhh....not exactly what you could call everyone's cup of tea...gameplay-wise, anyway.
haha that was a great read.
I thought SatBK was interesting. Not a super game, but nothing to freak out about.