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Time to kick a retard's ass

"'When I create a game I think about how kids will enjoy it. So, that may be why I may have a tendency of using characters based on animal. Also, when I’m walking around in the day and I see an interesting animal I think about what kind of game I could create with them. I’m constantly thinking of those things,” says Naka.

When asked if he’s seen any interesting animals lately, Naka laughed, and said, “That I can’t answer. The reason why I can’t is because the game we’re developing is based on that animal I thought was interesting.'

This is something I’m happy about.

If you haven’t been able to make a good games in years, then just stop.

I mean, Mario isn’t the most new and creative games on Earth, I’ll admit, they just keep remaking it over and over again. But Mario’s a great icon and for some reason his games never get old. It’s American history! They’re never really AWFUL, they’re just the same. But Sonic games are just awful. Always have been after they left the Dreamcast behind in his dustcloud.

[Probably a link to Sonic 2006]

You know this is when you’ve run yourself dry.

[Stupid retarded videogame article made by people with their heads up their asses]

This is when you know you’re doing something pretty good and refreshing. Now drink that Fresca down and say “ahhhhh~”."

Dear Dumbass McFuckup,

First of all, what the fuck did that quote had to do with Yuji Naka saying he was done with making videogames? He said he liked making games for children, what the hell is wrong with that? If you automatically think a game made for children is "INSTA-FAIL OH NOEZ" then you're an idiot. There are plenty of games out there that were made for children and children and adults alike adore it. Kirby and Pokemon, which are made from Nintendo, comes to mind.

Also, I know this is a Sonic community, but I have a rant about your Mario statement too. First of all, Mario may have remade two of their games recently, like New Super Mario Bros. and that Wii one that I forgot its name was, but unless you count the GBA ports, that's it. Mario has done A LOT of new things recently. Ever played Super Mario Galaxy? That's a great example. The only difference between Sega and Nintendo, other than Nintendo in the end becoming more successful, is that Sega listens too much to what the retarded Sonic fans have to say. I'm sure once Sega gets the message that what they're doing isn't appealing to the other rational Sonic fans, they'll start getting off thei shit-stained ass and try to make the Sonic series no longer into a joke. The problem is that once they do that, the retarded Sonic fans will get pissed off, but you know what I say? Fuck 'em. Most of them aren't even a functional member of society. I think they live in the sewers, trying to live their life into pissing me off as much as possible.

Also dumbass, Mario is mostly a Japanese thing. I forgot some of my Mario knowledge so correct me if I'm wrong, but I do think Mario did originate in America but hey, guess what? It's more popular in Japan, like tentacled rape monsters and sex dolls (except Mario is cool and that shit is weird.) All America fucking cares about is Walt Disney anyways.

But according to your logic, since Sonic hasn't been doing good lately, okay, let's just disappoint thousands of fans and end it. If we followed through with this, I'm sure that there are Mario fans who think the games aren't as good as Mario 64, so okay, let's listen to them and end Mario. While we're at it, let's end Spyro. And Mortal Kombat. And just piss off everybody.

Honestly, I think it's more logical that if we see something as popular, let's continue it. Sonic is still popular after almost 20 years. While I do agree that the games have been a pile of steaming horse shit lately (except I think they've done something right with Sonic Unleashed, which were the daytime levels), that doesn't mean Sega should go ahead and give up. Sure, I may be a hopeless romantic of a fan, but guess what? Sonic Colors and Sonic 4 do look promising. And you know what I think is a good sign about Sonic 4? They delayed it. Sure, while some Sonic fans can't wait for the game to come out, I think this is GREAT, because when a game gets delayed, it usually means THEY HAD ISSUES AND THEY'RE ACTUALLY GIVING A SHIT AND FIXING THEM. I'll just have to wait and see how the game does, but I know even if Sega released a perfectly great Sonic game, people like you will bitch about it because it doesn't give them those nostalgic reasons or what the fuck ever. Hey, guess what? You're 30. No one gives a fuck. Get a job.

Also, to end this on a good note, I will shove that Fresca up your ass. I fucking HATE Fresca, you retard.

Yeah, this was angry and everything, but that's what this community is for. What a great audience, I hope you try cooked baby cows.

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