chibisuke_sama (chibisuke_sama) wrote in sonic_rant,

Sonic music remixes

why, for the love of god, is most of the sonic remix community centered around just techno or rock?

I know, I know, "you shouldn't complain, you can't even make a remix YOURSELF." No, I can't, but these people have the talent to create music and remix tributes to Sonic, they owe it to themselves to show how talented they are BEYOND techno and rock. This doesn't apply to people who play -actual instruments-, just the ones who use the exact same default fruitloops instrument set all the time, with no way to distinguish one remix from the other. this guy here, is, by far, one of the best Sonic remixers I've ever found on youtube, and he doesn't use techno or rock! the shock!! the horror!!! His remixes actually gave me such a buzz right here inside, they had me smiling, and I'm about the most apathetic bitch you'd ever find, so smiling for me is like a once-a-year opportunity. and his music made me smile many times.

so please, for the love of god, if you decide to remix a song for Sonic, please, for the love of god, don't do techno. try jazz, try classic rock, try soul, hell, there's an oil ocean rap-style song out there that is 200x better than the generic been-there-done-that techno. Seriously, I'm getting tired of techno, and I'm sure most other music-comm stalkers are, as well.

I just really hate Sonic techno after listening to like 100 techno remixes of music, sometimes even of the same Zone level theme. jesus. oh, and off-key techno at that, shit. thanks for bastardizing starlight zone, dipshits.
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