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 I'm just going to kind of rant here because I still need to use my LiveJournal for expressing my feelings whenever I feel them, because I don't really feel like they belong on my personal Tumblr.

There's a popular fanfic of mine I write for sometimes. It's called A Dragonfly's Heart. Of course, it's Sonic fanfiction and I do tend to repeat things in my fics, but this fic of mine has been completely different than my other works. For one thing, it stars several characters than just Sonic or Shadow, but the main protagonist is Amy, a princess from the North Kingdom who at first is spoiled and whines and people think she's weak, but as she meets Sonic, a prince from the South kingdom, Rouge, a queen from the West Kingdom who wants to collect the Dragonfly's Heart for her sick husband, Knuckles, and Dr. Eggman, who wants to destroy the forest to make way for a new city, and is willing to wage an all out war against them just to gain respect from his fellow human beings, Amy becomes a much stronger woman and is willing to put all this war against all factions of the kingdoms to a stop.

People tell me the writing is good, and very descriptive. I also worked hard on making it in the story that no one in it is the real villain: Rouge is just extremely desperate and willing to do anything to help her husband, Sonic seems to have the curse of a rotten heart that causes him to view everything with contempt and apathy, and I also had Dr. Robotnik as a character some people can sympathize with, as while he did have a loving family and nearly everything he could ever want under his nose, but yet he goes through a dark past that he wishes he could show to everyone that he is worth respecting.
I know that basically I posted this on and I shouldn't have expected any better, but I have met a few dedicated writers on and some have even contacted me and gave me really great reviews of my stories. However...let's just say that while I worked hard on the fabrification of this story, I have a stupid fanbase.
They constantly tell me on how much they want Sonic and Amy together and I did pretty much establish that it was Sonamy, but it disappoints me on how most of them don't even care on what is going on with Rouge, when I made her into a strong, but yet suffering character, and I felt like only one person cared about what was going on with Robotnik. And they constantly send me pretty dumb reviews on the story when I actually want them to really tell me on what they like, and if anything, something they don't like or something to improve on. I even had someone say a particular scene was "creepy, but cute".
This scene, by the way, was Sonic telling Amy when he fully became a monster, she had to kill him and rip out his heart.
Oh yeah.
I know I shouldn't expect much else because this is, but...~sigh~.
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