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My thoughts on the sonic fandom as a whole.....

  So no ones really added anything in this community in awhile, well thats about to change because, well, here i am, and i'm going to be getting a lot of things off my chest here and now about my thoughts on the sonic fandom. Alright, first i'll just come out with me saying "yes, i am a sonic fan, i may not be a total hardcore gamer, but i still love this blue hedgehog because he inspired me to get more involved in arts and creativity." But i've somewhat left the fandom, and am just now slowly getting back into it.

    Now i don't know why, but it seems that there's been alot of people bashing the sonic fandom and its community. The reasons are as follow:
1. The fans are going batshit over their couples and are having couple wars right and left.
2. The fans are completely ignorant of each other's opinions and such and tend to have huge dramas over why this character sucks and why their favorites are better than anyone else's preferences of their favorites etc.
3.Sonic fans always have shitty recolor fancharacters, and have zero originality.
4. The new sonic games suck @$$!!$%^
5.Sonic, the character himself, is an overrated mary-sue who is a complete furfag.

   Now here are my thoughts on those reasons...First i'll direct my attentions to the stereotyped "fans" of sonic. The main picture with everyone's thought outside the sonic community is that we're all a bunch of over-obsessive fangirls who have their female fancharacters be a love interest of one of the main sonic casts, or the types to have couple wars over who suits better for who etc. What others fail to realize is that EVERYONES DIFFERENT. Basically what i'm getting at is, true there are these over-dominant controlling fans who are absolutely unbearable to deal with, but on the other hand, there are stable/sane fans like me out there in the sonic community who are very open-minded about everything......and i mean EVERYTHING. We're all entitled to our own opinions, thats the way i see it, and if you don't agree with mine thats perfectly fine! I'm not about to have this huge dramatic argument as to whose right and whose wrong, whose better and whose worse, who wins and who fails, because there honestly isn't a "right" or "wrong" in this whole community known as a fandom.So i guess this knocks reasons 1 and 2.

   The sonic fancharacters....ah yes, i do have one myself, and i can assure you she is no recolor of amy/blaze/sally/etc. She's a fennec fox, and her story is completely original, and if i have time i'll possibly post it sooner or later. But i won't lie, she started out as a classic amy recolor, yes she started out as a hedgehog. As time went on i decided to have alittle fun and went all out with her, then i nerf'd her a bit so she wouldn't be deemed as a mary-sue and voila....she's pretty original in my opinion, even her outfit and hairstyle isn't a reference from the original sonic cast. But my thoughts on recolors are this, yes they ARE  pain to look and see EVERYWHERE in the sonic community. Basically, you seen one recolor, ya seen them all....But this could be a stepping stone for some fans who are trying to get their creative juices out. However, i do feel appalled to see fans create a sonic or amy recolor and say "I R SO 0R1G1N4L!!!111!!!11!" Its annoying and everyone categorizes them as 12 year olds who lack originality in their work. Mind you, if your going to use a recolor, i hope you plan to evolve it more to something that you came up with and be original in your design and character-building. Another thing is that.....NOT ALL SONIC FANS WHO HAVE SONIC FANCHARACTERS ARE COMPLETE RECOLORS. Some are so designed completely beautiful and they use diverse animals, mind you, the sonic universe does not revolve around only hedgehogs....I only have one fancharacter, and i plan on just keeping one.

   Sonic fans are somewhat notorious for feeling that the "Classical Sonic Era of Sonic Games" have died. To be honest...they have. No, not all the sonic games are going to like the ones from Dreamcast. I personally think the sonic games are "ok"  not "OMGTHISISTHEBESTESTGAMEEVERBECAUSEITSSODEEPANDHASCOOLACTIONINIT" or not "Th1s 1$ C0mPl3t3 BULl$h1T!!!".
I honestly think sonic games, the recent ones, are perfectly fine. I do wish they would have some deep story-line to it, and no not as cheesy as sonic next gen. 2006. But sort of an exciting thrilling plot. I'm going to be working on a sonic fanfic. that'll have something along the lines, ofcourse its still in the works, but hey its worth a shot, i bid you it won't be anything like MY FANCHARA / *insert sonic character name*.
Some people say that sonic fans are waaaay too picky with the sonic games, and that if they don't have it THEIR way then its utter shit to them. Honestly, people will agree and disagree, everyone has their own thoughts on it, like i stated earlier about the couple wars and favorite sonic characters.

   Now here's the last reason, or reasons i saw that people hate sonic, and its sonic himself as a character. People believe he's a mary-sue and that he's overall and over-rated character. Now i have nothing against their opinions, they don't like him because he's too over-rated and thats fine. But i hate how people come to actually diss sonic and actually display "Hatred" upon him. He's fictional.......he's not even real......why exactly HATE him when he doesn't even exist? This is my shortest rant on the whole sonic sux reasoning.

  Summary of everything: Basically every fandom has these crazy fanatics, no fandom is safe.....NONE.....I mean it. Whatever fandom you can think of, it'll have its kinks of overly-insane fangirls/boys who take things waaay to seriously. Try playing halo 3 online and people will cuss up a storm, look around naruto fanclubs and you'll see a lot of people hating on other characters and see fangirls make fancharacters making it with other canons. Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Deathnote, Practically any fandom you can think of will have these, and there's no escape from it, all you can really do is, ignore it, move on, and accept what the fans are like, but still keep your interests in the fandom itself. In my own opinion, i think you shouldn't let  anyone else interfere with what you like, this means other fans as well. Just because there are fans who are complete fanatics and go completely crazy doesn't mean there aren't normal sane ones. And fancharacters in other fandoms will have the same problems as well, as being deemed a "recolor" and "lacks originality in their works."

  I've generally seen the hatred come from DA where i've seen a lot of people dissing sonic and his fans and the reasons i've listed above. Also i've seen A LOT of well-talented and awesome sonic artists leave DA due to art thieves stealing their art, people trolling the sonic community and making their fancharacters to be what they're not to be, or just have no reason and just get up and leave. Idk but for a while i felt that the sonic community was somewhat dying, but maybe it was just my shock to see alot of good artist go up and leave while i was dormant from the sonic fandom.
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