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Sonic Fandom...

It's goin' to hell.

Sonic Rant
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Because if it's not one thing, it's another
About Sonic_Rants
This community is a place for fans of Sonic the Hedgehog to complain about the Sonic series (game, anime, or comic) or the fandom.

Keep in mind that this is a rant community for ranting about things in the Sonic fandom and game (or other media); not a place to just flat out bash Sonic the Hedgehog (nor it's fans). Entries like that will be deleted. This is a place to rant about things in Sonic, not Sonic completely.


1. This is a RANT community. A place to bitch about the Sonic fandom and what not. Therefore it's for RANTS only. If you're looking for advice on something Sonic related, then go to sonicstuff. They'll be happy to help you.

2. Keep it on topic. If its not about Sonic, then don't post it here. Community promos are cool, but only if they relate to Sonic and aren't spam.

3. No personal attacks on actual people, whether they are members or not. No trolling, no bigotry.

4. Linking to bad cosplay/fanfiction/fanart/whatever is allowed, but don't come crying to me if the victim comes and hunts you down. Sonic_Rant will not save you. So your on your own.

5. If you do get backlash from someone b/c you posted and ranted about their fic/art/whatever, the ONLY time I will help you is when people rant/bitch at you in the journal entry posted in the community. (which is against the rules).

6. Do not hotlink if you do not own it. Use a photobucket account or something.

7. Spoilers should be under a cut with a warning. Generally anything that's about any upcoming games, or anything that hasn't been shown in the anime (or comic) should be put under a cut.

8. Adult material should be under a cut with a specific warning.

9. Image/Icon posts are fine, but under a cut please.

10. No turning off comments. No whining if people don't agree with you.

11. If you've been ranted to, then please go whine about it in your own journal, not

12. If you have been ranted to, or someone didn't agree with you on an entry, again; do not come crying to me for help. Sort it out on your own.

13. Please keep in mind that not everyone has the same opinions as you.

14. PlEaSe Do NoT tYpE lIkE tHiS oR LYKE DIZ OR THIS.

15. No drama. At all. This means; no whining about how SonicxBlaze is ruining your "precious" SonicxAmy. None of that crap.

You may rant when ready. :D