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A rant about Sally fans...

Hello to all. Let me start off by saying that I’m sure that there are some Princess Sally fans out there who are nice, normal people. But the majority of them are like this ungodly combination of extremely annoying and scary.

I don’t like Sally (but for more logical reasons then “She‘s a half-dressed slut!" or whatever). But I don’t go around bashing Sally or her fans because that's just not in my nature. But honestly, I think a lot of her fans only serve to make my dislike of the character worse.

For starters, some of them make me wonder if they understand that she isn’t real and will never be real. I also think I saw this one person trying to argue that anyone who doesn't like Sally is a misogynist. LOL. If I’m such a misogynist, then how come I like characters like Bunnie, Dulcy, Hershey, Lupe, and Amy Rose? Not to mention the ton of female characters from other mediums I like and have spoken up for when people trash them for sexist/or silly reasons? And why do Sally fans scream bloody murder when people bash Sally, but then they'll turn around and frequently bash other characters they hate?

Guys, I can‘t take anything you say seriously if you‘re being flaming hypocrites, and I honestly don't think you’re helping Sally‘s case any when you behave like this.
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